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'This desk was the property of Charles Dickens and was in use by him at Gadshill when he died.'.jpg
15 sunflowers VAN GOGH, Vincent 1888.jpg
A Bar at the Folies-Bergeres Manet, Edouard 1881-82.jpg
A copy of the first telephone book written for the town of New Haven, Connecticut, can be seen during a preview at Christie's auction house in New York June 13, 2008.jpg
A Friendly Call, Chase, 1895.jpg
A Girl With a Watering Can Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1876.jpg
A Modern Olympia Cezanne, Paul 1873-74.jpg
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Seurat, Georges 1884-86.jpg
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Seurat, 1884-1886.jpg
Adolph von Menzel, Valsverket, 1872-75.jpg
Albert Bierstadt across_the_prairie 1864.jpg
Apples and Oranges, Cézanne, 1895-1900.jpg
Argenteuil, Manet, 1874.jpg
Arrangement in Grey and Black- Portrait of the Painter's Mother_Whistler, James Abbott McNeill 1871.jpg
Asher B. Durand A_symbol 1856.jpg
ashes Munch, Edvard 1894.jpg
assylum VAN GOGH, Vincent 1889.jpg
At the Moulin Rouge, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892-1895.jpg
autumn Moran, Thomas c.1893-97.jpg
Aux courses en province (At the Races in the Country) Degas, Edgar 1873.jpg
Ballet Seen from Opera Box, Degas, 1885.jpg
Bathers, Renoir, 1884-1887.jpg
Biscuits Lefevre-Utile Mucha, Alphonse 1897.jpg
Blue Nude, Bonnard, 1899.jpg
blue_trees gauguin_1888.jpg
Boating, Manet, 1874.jpg
Boats, Low Tide, Grandcamp Seurat, Georges 1885.jpg
Boston Common at Twilight 1885.jpg
Boston Harbor Fitz Hugh Lane 1850-55.jpg
Boulevard des Capucines - Monet, Claude 1873.jpg
Burning of the Houses of Parliament, Turner, 1834-1835.jpg
Cache-cache (hide & seek) Morisot, Berthe 1873.jpg
cafe_terrace VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Camille Pissarro - Bather in the Woods.jpg
Camille Pissarro - Boulevard Montmartre, at Night.jpg
Camille Pissarro - In The Garden.jpg
Camille Pissarro - Meadow at Eragny.jpg
Camille Pissarro - Plum Trees in Bloom at Eragny.jpg
Camille Pissarro - The Avenue, Sydenham.jpg
Camille Pissarro - The Village Market.jpg
Carraige Dealers Mucha, Alphonse 1902.jpg
Cezanne Prints - Lake at Annecy.jpg
Cezanne Prints - Self-Portrait.jpg
Cezanne, Paul lake-annecy.jpg
Cezanne, Paul mtsv11.jpg
Cezanne, Paul_Skull and Candlestick 1866.jpg
Charles Dickens is acclaimed as one of history's greatest novelists.jpg
Charles Dickens' desk.jpg
Charles F. Blauvelt - the_immigrants ca. 1850.jpg
Chez le Pere Lathuille, Manet, 1879.jpg
Claude Monet, Näckrosdammen, 1899.jpg
climax - beardsley 1893.jpg
Cloister Graveyard in the Snow, Friedrich, 1810.jpg
Company's seal, as it had evolved by 1860.jpg
Dance in the City, Renoir, 1883.jpg
dance Mucha, Alphonse 1898.jpg
Danseuse (dancer) Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1874.jpg
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Veronica Veronese.jpg
Daughters of Edward D. Boit, Sargent, 1882.jpg
Death in the Sickroom, Munch, 1895.jpg
Ear VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Edgar Degas - Absinthe Drinker.jpg
Edgar Degas - Blue Dancers.jpg
Edgar Degas - Dance Foyer at the Opera.jpg
Edgar Degas - Dancers in Blue.jpg
Edgar Degas - Laundry Maids.jpg
Edgar Degas - Nude Woman Drying Her Foot.jpg
Edgar Degas - Singer in Green.jpg
Edgar Degas - Two Dancers On Stage.jpg
Edouard Manet - Luncheon on the Grass.jpg
Edouard Manet - Monet on his Studio Boat.jpg
Edouard Manet - Nana.jpg
Edouard Manet - The Fifer (aka The Young Piper).jpg
Edouard Manet - The Waitress.jpg
Edouard Manet - Vase of Flowers.jpg
Edvard Munch, Skriket, 1893.jpg
Emigrants Crossing the Plains Bierstadt, Albert 1867.jpg
Etude- Paysage a Auvers (Study- Landscape at Auvers) Cezanne, Paul 1874.jpg
Eugène Delacroix, Friheten på barrikaderna, 1830.jpg
first steps VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Fishing Boats Leaving the Harbor, Le Havre Monet, Claude 1874.jpg
Fitz Henry Lane constitution_in_boston c.1848.jpg
Frontispiece for Venus and Tannhauser beardsley 1895.jpg
Gargantua, Daumier, 1832.jpg
gauguin_palette 1894.jpg
Georges Seurat - Bathers at Asnieres.jpg
Georges Seurat.jpg
gerti_schiele Schiele, Egon 1909.jpg
Ghost of a Flea, Blake, c. 1819.jpg
gismonda Mucha, Alphonse 1894.jpg
green wheat field VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Gustave Courbet, Stenknackarna, 1851.jpg
Gypsy Girl Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1879.jpg
Harper's Weekly image of the coffin ships showing the cramped, unhealthy accommodations for the Irish immigrants.jpg
Harvest in Brittany, Gauguin, 1889.jpg
harvest VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Haystack at Sunrise Near Giverny, Monet, 1891.jpg
Haystacks on a Foggy Morning, Monet, 1891.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Boat in the Storm.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Jungle with Tiger and Hunters.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Juniet's Cart.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Landscape and Zeppelin.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Luxembourg Gardens, Monument to Chopin.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Notre Dame.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Repast of the Lion.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Self-Portrait with a Lamp.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Self-Portrait, with Palette.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Sleeping Gypsy.jpg
Henri Rousseau - The Snake Charmer.jpg
Henri Rousseau - The War.jpg
Henri Rousseau - The Waterfall.jpg
Henri Rousseau - Virgin Forest.jpg
hoarfrost Pissarro, Camille 1873.jpg
Houses in Provence, Cézanne, c. 1880.jpg
Impression Sunrise, Monet, 1872.jpg
Impression, soleil levant (impression sunrise) Monet, Claude 1872.jpg
In a Garden, Tarbell, 1890.jpg
In the Conservatory, Manet, 1879.jpg
Interior of a Kitchen Martin DRÖLLING 1815.jpg
irises VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
isle_of_the_dead Boecklin, Arnold 1880.jpg
Jas de Buffan, The Pool cezanne 1876.jpg
Jean-François Millet, Axplockerskorna, 1857.jpg
JOB Mucha, Alphonse 1896.jpg
John Twachtman snow scene c. 1890.jpg
July 28 - Liberty Leading the People Eugène DELACROIX Salon of 1831.jpg
Justine Dieuhl Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri 1891.jpg
L'automne- Bords de la Seine pres Bougival (Autumn- Banks of the Seine near Bougival) Sisley, Alfred 1873.jpg
La classe de danse Degas, Edgar 1873-75.jpg
La Danse a la Campagne, Renoir, 1883.jpg
La lecture (The Mother and Sister of the Artist) Morisot, Berthe 1869-70.jpg
la loge (the theater box) Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1874.jpg
landers_peak bierstadt_1863.jpg
Large Bathers, Cézanne, 1899-1906.jpg
Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Ask Me No More.jpg
Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Expectations (aka Hope Springs Eternal).jpg
Lawrence Alma-Tadema - In the Tepidarium.jpg
Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Roses of Heliogabalus.jpg
Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Unconscious Rivals.jpg
Le berceau (the cradle) Morisot, Berthe 1872.jpg
Le Moulin de la Galette Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1876.jpg
Le verger (the orchard) Pissarro, Camille 1872.jpg
leocadia_goya 1800s.jpg
Les Alpilles, van Gogh, 1890.jpg
Les Alyscamps, Arles gauguin 1888.jpg
Les chataigniers a Osny (The Chestnut Trees at Osny) Pissarro, Camille 1873.jpg
Lilla Cabot Perry a_stream_beneath_poplars c.1890-1900.jpg
Looking Up the Yosemite Valley Bierstadt, Albert c. 1865-67.jpg
Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres 1806.jpg
Madonna, Munch, 1894-1895.jpg
marae Gauguin, Paul 1892.jpg
marine (The Harbor at Lorient) Morisot, Berthe 1869.jpg
Mary Cassatt - Baby Bill in Cap and Shift, Held by His Nurse 1890.jpg
Meadow with Haystacks, Monet, 1885.jpg
Meule et citerne sous bois cezanne 1892.jpg
Moet & Chandon Cremant Imperial Mucha, Alphonse 1899.jpg
Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1873.jpg
monet Water Lilies (The Clouds).jpg
monet Waterlilies, Green Reflection, Left Part.jpg
Monet Working in his Boat, Manet, 1874.jpg
Morning, Catskill Valley (The Red Oaks) Inness, George_1894.jpg
Moulin Rouge-La Goulue Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri 1891.jpg
Mucha Prints - Spring.jpg
Mucha Prints - Summer.jpg
munch_the_hands 1893.jpg
Napoleon Bonaparte Visiting the Plague-Stricken in Jaffa Antoine-Jean Gros 1804.jpg
natural_bridge virginia Church, Frederic Edwin 1852.jpg
nevermore gauguin_1897.jpg
night_in_st_cloud Munch, Edvard 1890.jpg
Oarsmen at Chatou Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1879.jpg
olive trees VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
olympia Manet, Edouard 1863.jpg
On the Terrace Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1881.jpg
Ophelia, Redon, c. 1890.jpg
parthenon Church, Frederic Edwin 1871.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Bonjour, Monsieur Gauguin.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Breton Girls Dancing.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Breton Landscape (Among the Lilies).jpg
Paul Gauguin - Day of the Gods.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Daydreaming.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Fatata Te Miti.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Hail Mary.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Loss of Virginity (Spring Awakening).jpg
Paul Gauguin - Nevermore.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Riders on the Beach.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Savage Poems.jpg
Paul Gauguin - There is the Temple.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Two Tahitian Women.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Van Gogh painting Sunflowers.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Vision after the Sermon (Jacob Wrestling with the Angel).jpg
Paul Gauguin - When Do You Marry.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Where do we come from-What are we-Where are we Going.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Woman and White Horse.jpg
Paul Gauguin - Women of Tahiti.jpg
Paysage au bord du Lez Bazille, Frederic 1870.jpg
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Le Moulin de la Galette (en nöjespark),.jpg
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Le Moulin de la Galette.bmp
poets_garden VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Poplars, Monet, 1891.jpg
poppies VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Port of Gravelines Channel, Seurat, 1890.jpg
portrait by gauguin_still life by cezanne 1890.jpg
Portrait de Romaine Lacaux Renoir, Auguste 1864.jpg
Portrait of a Little Girl Cassatt, Mary 1878.jpg
Portrait of Cardinal d¹Amboise, Unknown, 1826.jpg
Portrait of Dr. Gachet VAN GOGH, Vincent 1890.jpg
Portrait of Pierre-Auguste Renoir Bazille, Frederic 1867.jpg
portrait_de_marie_louise Emile Munier_1879.jpg
Puberty, Munch, 1894-1895.jpg
Ragattas at Argenteuil, Monet, c. 1872.jpg
Ralph Albert Blakelock landscape_with_moon ca. 1885-90.jpg
Road with Cypress and Star VAN GOGH, Vincent 1890.jpg
Robert Henri Wee Annie Lavelle (aka pet) 1893.jpg
Robert Henri Woman in Pink on Beach 1893.jpg
roots_trunks Road with Cypress and Star 1890.jpg
Rouen Cathedral Facade in Sunlight, Monet, 1894.jpg
Rouen Cathedral, Monet, 1894.jpg
Saint-Lazare Station (The Bridge of Europe), Monet, 1877.jpg
Saint-Lazare Station, Monet, 1877.jpg
Saint-Lazare Train Station, Monet, 1877.jpg
Saint-Victoire, Cézanne, 1896-98.jpg
savoy_no1 beardsley_1895.jpg
scream_lithograph Munch, Edvard 1895.jpg
Seated Bather Renoir, Pierre-Auguste c. 1883-1884.jpg
self portrait Munch, Edvard 1895.jpg
self portrait paul gauguin_1889.jpg
Self-portrait Cassatt, Mary c. 1880.jpg
Self-Portrait, Cézanne, c. 1879.jpg
Self-portrait, van Gogh, 1886-1887.jpg
self_VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
sower VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Sunrise, Yosemite Valley bierstadt.jpg
Sunset in the Yosemite Valley bierstadt_1867.jpg
Symphony in White no. 2, Whistler, 1864.jpg
The Ascension of St. Rose of Lima - beardsley 1896.jpg
The Basket of Apples, Cézanne, c. 1895.jpg
The Bodmer Oak, Fontainebleau Forest Monet, Claude 1865.jpg
The Cellist, Self-Portrait Courbet, Gustave 1847.jpg
The Church at Auvers-sur-Oise VAN GOGH, Vincent 1890.jpg
The Cliff at Etretat after the Storm Courbet, Gustave 1869.jpg
The Coast of Portrieux (Cotes-du-Nord) Boudin, Eugene 1874.jpg
The Dead Toreador, Manet, c. 1864.jpg
The Egg, Redon, 1885.jpg
The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1892.jpg
The Execution of Emperor Maxmillian, Manet, 1867.jpg
The Family of Charles IV, Goya, 1800.jpg
The Female Clown, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1895.jpg
The Floor Scrapers, Caillebotte, 1876.jpg
The Great Trees, Mariposa Grove, California bierstadt_1876.jpg
The Hanged Man's House Cezanne, Paul 1873.jpg
The Hay W ain, Constable, 1821.jpg
The Lighthouse at Honfleur Seurat, Georges 1886.jpg
The Loss of Virginity gauguin_1890-91.jpg
The Luncheon of the Boating Party, Renoir, 1880-1881.jpg
The Luncheon of the Boating Party_Renoir, Pierre-Auguste_1881.jpg
The Models (large version) Seurat, Georges 1887-88.jpg
The Naked Maja, Goya, 1798-1805.jpg
The Night Cafe, van Gogh, 1888.jpg
The Nurse, Cassatt, 1878.jpg
The Parisian (La Parisienne) Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1874.jpg
The Railroad Bridge at Argenteuil, Monet, 1874.jpg
The Railway manet 1872-73.jpg
The Sleeping Gypsy, Rousseau, 1897.jpg
The Sower, Millet, c. 1850.jpg
The Starry Night VAN GOGH, Vincent 1889.jpg
The Starry Night, van Gogh, 1889.jpg
The Stonebreakers, Courbet, 1849.jpg
The Studio - A Real Allegory of the Last Seven Years of My Life, Courbet, 1855.jpg
The Swineherd, Brittany gauguin 1888.jpg
The Swing Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 1876.jpg
The Thames at Westminster Monet, Claude 1871.jpg
The Third of May, 1808, Goya, 1814.jpg
The Village of Becquigny Rousseau, Theodore c. 1857-64.jpg
The Voice, Munch, 1893.jpg
The Woman with Gambling Mania Théodore Géricault ca. 1819-1824.jpg
the_rape Degas, Edgar_ c. 1868-69.jpg
thinker Rodin, Auguste 1880.jpg
Thomas Cole cabin_in_the_woods 1848.jpg
Thomas Doughty near_little_point Catskill Mountains ca. 1840.jpg
Thomas Sully juvenile_ambition 1825.jpg
Thomas Worthington Whittredge trout_fishing_in_Adirondacks 1862.jpg
Twilight in the Wilderness Frederic Edwin Church 1860.jpg
Two Haystacks, Monet, 1891.jpg
Unconscious Rivals Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1893.jpg
vampire Munch, Edvard 1893.jpg
VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
View from the Farnese Gardens, Rome Corot, Jean-Baptiste Camille 1826.jpg
Village Street in Auvers VAN GOGH, Vincent 1890.jpg
Vincent Van Gogh - The Siesta.jpg
Vincent Van Gogh 0016.jpg
Vincent Van Gogh 007.jpg
Vincent Van Gogh.jpg
Washerwomen on the Banks of the Durance, Paul Guigou 1866.jpg
Water Lilies, Monet, c. 1919-1926.jpg
Wheat Field Under Threatening Skies Van gogh 1890.jpg
wheat field VAN GOGH, Vincent.jpg
Wheatstacks (End of Summer) Monet, Claude 1890-91.jpg
Yarmouth Fort, Morland, 1803.jpg
À la Mie, de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1891.jpg

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