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Wellesley College Art Museum Can't Find Oil Painting Likely Worth Millions

August 28, 2008 2:42 p.m. EST

Linda Young - AHN Editor

Boston, MA (AHN) - Wellesley College's Davis Museum officials say they aren't sure what happened to a missing painting likely worth millions by French Cubist artist Fernand Leger.

However, it is possible that the missing 1921 painting "Woman and Child," which hasn't been seen since 2007, was mistakenly thrown away.

The painting was last seen when it was returned to Wellesley College from an Oklahoma art museum exhibit last year, college officials said. They have vowed to implement new controls by October to protect their art collection.

Davis Museum and Cultural Center officials offered a $100,000 reward for return of the painting.

But officials reportedly fear that the missing painting might have still been in a crate, where it was being stored during museum renovations, when the crate was discarded. However, two other paintings by Leger that were stored with the missing painting have been accounted for.

Leger's 25 by 21 inch oil painting, "Woman and Child," had been part of the museum's collection since 1954.

An insurance claim for $3 million has been paid, but the insurance company is still investigating.

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