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Art News and Videos

art gallery - is a large collection of visual artwork from around the world.

Random acts of daily art - random images from the history of art.

art history - a brief look at some of the more interesting items from art history.

artists self-portraits - a collection of images artist created of themselves.

museums - a small list of museums.

free art lessons information

art-lessons - is a list of some 250 art lessons I have studied.

art equipment - a look at art tools to studied with.

art as a business - a minor look at the money making end of the art world.

art research - a long list of documents used to study visual arts.

art-in-bulk - is a listing of over 3000 individual pieces of artwork in the gallery for reference.

art study - photo and digital images used as generic study devices.

the masters of art - a loose collection of info about some of the best.

art urls - resources or items of interest on the internet.

mb-art - Under development...

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